Become a mentor

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Why become a mentor

Make a positive impact

by giving advice and tips to other tech aspirants on their journey into tech

Expand your network

by connecting and interacting with other tech leaders from renowned companies

Develop your leadership skills

by tapping on our resources and tools on how to guide tech aspirants to success

Steps to make an impact

1. Register as a mentor via the sign up form, be sure to click on the mentor option after you input the confirmation token emailed to you. Your application will be vetted by our screening team within 48 hours.

2. To increase your engagement and you are highly encouraged to fill up the fields in the about tab. This will be useful for potential members to understand your profile and make a more informed decision on choosing the right mentor to connect to.

3. Once registration is approved, tech aspirants will be able to view your profile and seek for your advice based on your tech expertise and mentorship topics you have selected. We will forward the submitted request form to your email inbox, not to worry your email will not be disclosed until you decide to respond.

4. Once connected, you will be in control of the session and you are free to decide on the style of communication be it email, video call or a coffee chat. Thereafter, be sure to ask the connected member to leave a review for you on our platform!


Is the platform free?

Amigoals is built for social good and will be free. We will never charge our users any money for our matching services.

Do I need to commit any time upfront upon registration?

No, there will be no commitment upon registration. You will only start mentoring users when you respond to their initial connection message.

What is the screening requirement?

We believe that anyone can be a mentor, so long as you have at least 2 years worth of experience as a tech professional and have a genuine interest in helping someone succeed!

Who will I be mentoring?

You will be mentoring the member connections that you have accepted. Members can be of any demographic profile as long as they have a keen interest in breaking into the tech industry. You can expect students, fresh graduates, and mid-career switchers.

How long will I be mentoring a member?

Mentorships are on an ad-hoc basis, which means that members must request for an online call/coffee chat/email through the Amigoals platform. Hence, accepting one request implies that you accept to speak with the mentee for a single session.

What is the structure of the mentorship/online call?

The duration of the scheduled call will be decided by both mentor and member. The mentor will speak to the member and advice on the mentorship topics and tech skills that the mentor has selected during registration.

What are the events and networking sessions?

The team at Amigoals will organise a monthly networking session consisting of a one-hour 1-to-1s session, ten minutes at a time. It’s like speed dating, but better! Because if you meet an oddball, you can just hang up. On the flipside, you might meet someone whom you’d love to collaborate with or learn from! At the end of the day, it’s all about making new friends.

Occasionally, the team will also organise webinars/talks on latest tech trends and projects.