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Adam Ilyas

Software Engineer

at Grab



Deputy Data Science Lead

at PSA



Head of Analytics

at Citibank


Victoria Teo

UX Designer

at NCS Group


Shuhang Cai

Product Manager

at Shopee

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What our members say

Brilliant Dennise WijayaFinal Year Student at University College London

Hung To is a great mentor where he responded really quickly to my request. He answered all of my questions in a structure way and included practical examples on how to use it in the Industry based on his experience. His perspectives on the industry also help me to shape my career path. He also provided me with a lot of resources to improve my data analytics skills. Thank you Hung To!

John OngAssociate Data Analyst Fellow at NTUC Learning Hub

Had a great conversation with Ann Qi, who gave several real-life examples and recounted experience to help me with my queries. She also helped me with some of my documentation, giving me increased confidence and direction to pursue the career that I am pursuing.Thanks a lot for helping me understand what exactly to work on and what I should do next!

Dominic LimanInvestment Services at GIC

Thank you Athi! Athi was able to break down the questions that I had into its root issues, allowing me to exactly pinpoint on what I did not know. Athi also allowed me to look things from a different angle and not be fixated or have a myopic view. And he was very friendly and supportive throughout. Overall, it was a fruitful session!

DerrickCTO at Accredify

As I’m looking to build a new data science team while having minimal context to the data science industry, I reached out to Jeremia and he was very kind to have a coffee with me over two sessions to share his experiences, thoughts, and knowledge.
He was able to play the role of a critic and provided me with ideas on how data should and can be used in order to generate meaningful insights for my organisation.
Thank you Jeremia ?

King YehStudent at SMU

I have benefited from this mentorship as Valerie thoroughly looked through all my projects and profile on the relevant platforms. She also gave me some tips to get started on a Data Scientist career and also provided her own feedback on how to improve on my portfolio thus far.

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Is the platform free?

Amigoals is built for social good and will be free. We will never charge our users any money for our matching services.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are qualified data professionals that have went through our vetting process, all mentors have to meet the minimum requirement of working in a data-related role for at least one year.

What are the tech expertise of the mentors?

The mentors will indicate their expertise in subjects such as Data, Software Engineering, Product, and Cyber Security.

How do I seek advice from the mentors?

Users can send a message or schedule a call directly to the mentor on the Amigoals platform.

What are the topics mentors can help me with?

Mentors are able to help you with topics such career advice, interview tips, portfolio and resume assessment, technical matters.